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I teach using my own method of "game/fun" based teaching. It has been quite popular with both teachers and students.

I made this page to pass-on my most useful tools. Please consider my ESL and EFL games book "Edutainment", at the link below. Enjoy !

IE Hewitt

I hope you find it worthy of a bookmark !

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words".

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Telephone Directories on the Web ( pick a country ! )

A Web of Online Dictionaries Over 150 languages and a quick English one too!

UCCCurrency Converter

"Edutainment" How to Teach English with Fun and Games Photocopy-free book on the subject of teaching with games. Includes many FREE sample lessons.

Search songs lyrics.Great for making your own song lessons

Teaching ESL/EFL with songs and music. How and Why

Visit our ESL Bookstore Links to Free sample books for teachers in Japan and many others!

Secure Ordering Edutainment
Only US$29.95 with FREEairmail worldwide!

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